Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Even at 4 degress, I miss it. Props to my peeps braving the winds.


Anonymous said...

We miss you too!

Hopefully you're being treated with just the right amount of respect you deserve...which isn't much ;)

Things just aren't the same...

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I miss it too. Even though I only lived there for four years it was starting to feel like home.

Also, I cannot believe you found my blog. And that you're following my blog. But thanks. That's nice of you. And I meant what I said! I think you're great and I really enjoy listening to you. You're witty and intelligent and a tad caustic, and that's a great combination.

TB said...

It misses you too.

FarsideOpus said...

Alan. Statistically, Cleveland is windier than Chicago. Welcome to the "Windier City"