Monday, March 1, 2010

Zed's Dead, Baby

June 23rd. That's my birthday. For the record. In case you wanted to get me something.


Stephanie said...

Ha! That's fantastic.

I was at work last night (Caribou Coffee) and there were a bunch of guys gathered around a laptop watching Parma State of Mind on YouTube. I joyously ran over to them and said, "You guys listen to the Alan Cox Show?!" They had no idea what I was talking about. Oh well. Parma State of Mind certainly is gettin' around.

misty said...

RHowever can we forget, june 23rd, that glorious day when our savior?? born in a manger,( at 12 lbs mind u ) spoke his first words of wisdom immediately,( this after barely escaping a near death experience thank u jesus)

Is the party byof cause I'm not sure they sell frankincense at giant eagle
Lost phone all contacts and the will to make today the very best day. Please baby alan bless me with the gift of ur wholey updates


misty said...

LeeMinkey we barely knew ye. And now u belong to cleveland??

Plz write or the hamster dies