Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Really Evil Knievel

Christina Raines, the 24-year-old "fiancee" of Drew Peterson, said they were never engaged and the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

Publicity stunt? Rock Of Love is a publicity stunt; Sarah Palin is a publicity stunt. Getting engaged to a girl while you're still a suspect in your last wife's disappearance isn't a stunt- it's a testament to Peterson's arrogance. He still doesn't think he's getting enough publicity. Any rational person in his position would want to stay OUT of the media spotlight and SHUN publicity. Hole up in your house with a year's supply of Rockin' Rye and Hot Pockets, and shut the fuck up. Peterson remains convinced that if sufficient time passes, all that "dismembered-my-wife-and-stuffed-her-into-an-industrial-drum" conjecture will dissipate, and public opinion will begin to favor him as a cuckolded husband.

For reference materials on another genius who was convinced he beat the system, see also: Simpson, Orenthal James.

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