Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Erection Day

Well, that was a fun week. As of yesterday, the military's archaic "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was reinstated after a brief period of judicial sanity. The various judges hearing the cases on the basis of their constitutional merits evidently don't see eye to eye, so it goes back for another volley. And what luck! Just in time for politicians terrified of losing their seats to use it as another cultural wedge issue. Oh, I almost forgot: a leak from a new Pentagon study reveals that the troops really don't give a shit if someone's gay or not and top brass admits that the ban is bad for the esprit de corps. (That, and we're now behind Libya in letting gay soldiers openly serve.) I guess people running for office are too worried about taking "getting behind the troops" too literally. What a proud day to be an American.


Anonymous said...


Legit umbrage.

My call: Dems get their clocks cleaned today, leaving them with two months to try to muscle some shit through before they seat Boehner's new class. Obama didn't want to push Don't Ask out until after these elections so as not to freak out the indys who are screaming "too liberal". It's a common sense move to take care of it before the end of the year and I'd be highly surprised and disappointed if DADT is still in effect in January.

But I've been hurt so many times before.

Mike Polk Jr.

Rachel said...

Could not agree more! Very disgusted that our country even views gays in the military as a subject worth debate. Do none of the conservative see this as history repeating itself? Sigh.