Thursday, January 22, 2009

Got Any Spare Change?

Could we stop the lame complaining that Obama is recycling former Clinton-ites in his administration?

Today, he tapped Richard Holbrooke (former Ambassador to the U.N.) to be his Hefner overseeing the bitchy twins of Pakistan & Afghanistan and former Senate majority leader George Mitchell was named Middle East ambassador. Conservatives are already crying foul about recent appointments like Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta, trying to foist the idea that populating the White House with some of the best minds from the Clinton era contradicts Obama's message of change. Hardly an iron-clad argument; it's not like Monica Lewinsky is being vetted for the Secretary of Interior gig. Scouring the public record for contradictions where there are none, talking heads on the right have equated Obama's promise of "change in leadership" with "people you've never heard of before". Hell, there's already some of that (I'm looking at you, Timothy Geithner!), but this is no time for rookies (now I'm looking at YOU, Alberto Gonzales!)

After the last eight years, it's time to install people who actually know what the hell they're doing around the world. Now, if we could just find something for Dee Dee Myers to do. If you're gonna keep digging into the Clinton bag, pull out the brainy hottie with a stripper's name. Change, indeed.

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