Monday, January 5, 2009

Because Language Is Fire

I've been called misanthropic. It's never bothered me, because I don't wear my antisocial tendencies as a badge. Those who do aren't truly antisocial, as much as lazy, immersed in packaged rebellion. Critique without intent is merely a defense mechanism. Cynicism is more often used as a mental blanket than as a means to an end. Misanthropy is the commitment to being a "naysayer". It's a commitment to understanding that you don't fit in with most people, and that you don't concern yourself with acquiescing to collective thought. That same commitment must be made to respecting that there is something valuable and fascinating in just about everyone. I've always liked individuals; groups bother me more. There's nothing more deadening to intellectual curiosity than a common purpose. When the mob rules, you don't get discourse. You get torches.

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Rob said...

I can't believe nobody's commented on this yet. It's brilliant.