Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hate The Game

My return to the airwaves is somewhat bittersweet, now that my former boss and mentor, Jonathon Brandmeier is off the air. The still-undisputed king of the Chicago airwaves recently walked from his very lucrative contract at WLUP because he was rightfully fed up with the current "dash to slash" mentality pervasive in media outlets these days, along with the near-complete abandonment of high-value talent. JB is worth every penny and, as he does on the air, he speaks for a lot of people in his situation.


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AlphaMail said...

Loved the show today. Only got to hear the last hour or so. Didnt know that you were coming in and found it nice to hear someone other than D and C. I have never called in to a show but today I forced myself to hit dial 100 times just so that I could call you out on your "euphemism" joke that went nowhere. While reading your Wiki page, I saw your connection with JB - I used to listen to him in the 80's when I lived in Chicago and loved him.
Good luck and I will be listening!