Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Getting prepped to go back on the air after being off for 17 months requires a great deal of digital ramp-up. I've been happy blogging and doing the Facebook thing, but now my online reach is increasing exponentially. I've avoided Twitter until now- being off the air, I didn't see the point. Media people are best served when they use it as a promotional tool or as a device to break the fourth wall. Otherwise, no one cares what an awesome chicken tetrazzini you just made. Now that I'm on Twitter, iTunes, and my own website that the station is setting up for me, I'm concerned that all of the time spent keeping up with those forms of interaction will make me further removed from actual communication- you know, the thing to which I'll be devoting four hours a day? A new study shows that technology is making us stupid. Probably true. Though, my stupidity isn't limited to ones and zeroes.

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Nathaniel said...

That's cute. I remember when you used to rant and rave on the air about how MySpace and blogging is a waste of time and how you just couldn't understand why anyone would do it.

Hey now that you are in Cleveland are you still going to talk trash on the Browns whenever they play the Steelers? Or does "who you are" change to suck up to your listeners?