Thursday, March 19, 2009

Enjoy Every Sandwich

I'm not sure why I'm so bummed out over the Natasha Richardson story. I don't even think I could name one of her movies. Sure, death is always sad and Liam Neeson was pretty badass in The Dark Knight, but I think it's the sheer randomness of it that's sticking in my craw. She fell during a beginner ski lesson and died hours later from swelling on the brain. Jesus. It's not a celebrity thing- that would be tough to process if it happened to anyone- and I'm admittedly personalizing it, since my own dad is sick with something that seemingly came from nowhere.

But I guess that's the point- it's all random. I've never really believed things happen for a reason. It's a comforting sentiment because it implies a greater plan, but even those who believe most strongly in that plan would probably agree that it's really well-hidden. Instead, I think we survive adversity or tragedy and assign a meaningful reason in retrospect. You can use God or destiny or fate as the mortar between your particular bricks, but whatever reasons we assign are what get us through in the face of the fact that sometimes, Shit. Just. Happens.

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