Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Irony Workers Local 1217

I'm a proponent of the "keep your friends close and enemies closer" worldview, so I listen to a fair amount of conservative talk radio. (Other than me, most liberals on the radio are dull as shit.) I think of it as mental bipartisanship- say what you want about Rush Limbaugh, but that drug-addled Mr. Creosote is a hoot.

However, I'm starting to get really aggravated at the conservative broken record that repeatedly misrepresents Obama's plan for the auto and financial industries as Socialism, ushering in an unprecedented wave of big government. The conservative principle of an unintrusive government is a sound one, but bobbleheads like Limbaugh like to pretend that it exists in a vacuum. They ignore the fact that, for the past 40 years, corporations have become our government: wielding far more power than our elected officials and getting bigger and bigger each year. Yet this hardly elicits a peep from the "small government" crowd. See, Obama has to clean up your mess. You don't get to say "I told ya so" as he does it.

I shouldn't single Rush out, though. When you make $30 million a year for a fifteen-hour workweek, you tend to look the other way.

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