Monday, March 23, 2009

Mutually Assured Destruction

Sometimes even the bland and ineffectual inspires a response. Or ten. Blame it on my boredom.

1. It's Star TREK
2. Learn what communism actually is.
3. Learn what a "mullet" actually is.
4. The "MTV generation" is in their mid-30's now. Not really a relevant term anymore.
5. The Zimmermann Note is a historical document. Not sure what the Zimmermann Letter is.
6. It's "past", not "passed". "Midget", not "midgette".
7. Kudos on "Children are the most important thing in life". That's actually funny. And entirely incorrect.
8. Cradle of Filth sucks. Hard.
9. Stop promising a big reveal; I know who you are. You aren't smart enough to cover your tracks properly.
10. Give me something to work with next time.


Bob T said...

Don't feed the trolls!

(Maybe the Zimmerman Letter is a very small part of the Zimmerman Note.)

JVO said...

Oh, come on. Give credit to CoF for "Nymphetamine," at least. Maybe the cover of "Devil Woman?"

Okay, maybe they're indefensible.