Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Having A Ball

If there was a god, I'd still have both nuts. - Lance Armstrong explaining why he's an atheist.

Way to distill thousands of years of philosophical discourse into a single fart of narcissism, Lance. Then again, the concept of religion is selfish in nature. To believe that an otherworldly supreme being has each of our best interests in mind is a funny thing, especially when so many of those interests will invariably conflict. For all of our scientific breakthroughs and technological advances, religion reminds us that we are merely two opposable thumbs away from crawling on our bellies. It inspires rational individuals to incredible flights of fancy because we're rolling snake-eyes on the fundamental question of post-mortem accommodations. If it were unquestionably determined that we are nothing more than future worm food, churches worldwide would shut down tomorrow.

I'm Catholic-school-superstitious enough to believe that god exists. But, unlike Lance Armstrong, I doubt he/she is overly focused on the testicular fortitude of some load who rides a bike for a living.

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Joe Minkel said...

Alan, I too have an idea of a God. But I do not worship nor fully believe it. I am not an atheist , I am agnostic. But it's funny, a lot of people confuse agnosticism with atheism. Atheism is not believing anything after death. Agnosticism is the idea that we as people don't know. So, technically, everyone is agnostic, because no one truly knows what happens when we die. Our minds cannot fathom the idea of "non-consciousness". Death is just that, lack of consciousness. Now I'm not saying that someone who is passed out or unconscious that way is dead, usually far from it, but that death it self is just not understandable. We cannot understand why it happens, nor being dead. That's why we make up the bullshit story that "life goes on". We try to convince ourselves that "it'll be ok" and "life goes on".

As stated before, I don't know, that's why I classify myself as agnostic. And technically, we all are.