Monday, October 20, 2008

"He Said, 'Trane Did It'. That Was All I Needed To Hear"

In the mid-80's, the late, great, Warren Zevon was asked to record a jazz song called, "You Don't Know What Love Is", for a film soundtrack. Being a rock and roll songwriter of the grittiest stripe, he declined. But he also respected his predecessors. Once he was told that no less than John Coltrane had covered the song, he reconsidered on the spot. I've found myself in a similar situation. I'm a die-hard rock and roll guy who needed little convincing to accept a new job. I'm taking time off from being in the spotlight and joining the sales team at 95.5 WNUA. It's Chicago's smooth jazz station and I've been a closet fan for a long time. I was gone from Chicago for eleven years, on the air in other cities. Any time I came home, I would get in a cab and ask the driver to put on WNUA. I never got home as much as I wanted to and it always embodied the sound of the city to me. Every other town has a rock station, a "Kiss" station, country, NPR, whatever. You can't hear WNUA anywhere else, nor a reasonable facsimile that comes close. It will definitely be a change of pace (I've gone 37 years never having an office job), but I'm looking forward to trying something new. Sales is all personality, and I think I've established in 15 years of performing that I'm not lacking in that area. We shall see.

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Joe(y) said...

AC - Love your work. I've listened to you on the X back home in Pittsburgh then online while you were on Q101. Can't wait to hear you back on the air somewhere (might I suggest sucks here) but until then, congratulations and good luck in the new job.