Thursday, June 4, 2009

Absolution Calling

Even organized religion is experiencing a recession. The Vatican is bummed that Catholics aren't going to confession much anymore. Church officials cite the fact that fewer people distinguish between good and evil and don't go for penance. Hypocritical, to say the least, given that many clergy members seem to have trouble making the distinction themselves. (I would cite the fact that, past the age of eleven, you're pretty cool with moving "touching myself in an impure manner" off the confession laundry list.) The Archdiocese of New York went so far as to battle its increasing irrelevance with a video designed to spur interest in the sacrament this past Easter. Dragging medieval superstition into the digital age is simply precious, no?

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Mike Ferris said...

Cheesy? Yes. Effective? I doubt it. Seems like they could put their money to better use than on this dribble. That said, I must admit that the old saying is true, the unexamined life is hardly worth living. I prefer to think of it not so much as a 'confession' rather more like an 'inventory' - this world is far too full of people who think they need no guidance in their life, and others who believe they are the appointed ones to direct everyone else.