Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Sound Of One Hand

Even at 72, actor David Carradine had a reputation for being a swinger, and I think he ended up taking it too literally. He pulled a Michael Hutchence last week while filming in Bangkok: found dead in a closet, hanging with his hands and Little Kung Fu roped off. Well hung, indeed. Quick travel tip: if you're in Thailand and you end up having sex with yourself- you've missed a hell of a lot on the local "To Do" list. I don't get autoerotic asphyxiation. I've done my share of freaky shit and I understand how sex can get boring, but I don't see how it's ever gonna get SO boring that I'm left with that as an option. Frankly, I can't imagine a more undignified way to die. (Actually, I can- his brother, Robert, will meet his maker having been responsible for THREE Revenge Of The Nerds movies.) It's a wasteful death, too. The image of your dad/husband/brother/grandfather accidentally dying while rubbing one out would eclipse whatever legacy they might have otherwise left. The French call the orgasm, le petit mort- the little death. I guess some people think getting your freak on is worth risking the big one, too. Rest in peace, Grasshopper.

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Adrimor said...

He was gonna try needleplay instead, but he didn't wanna lose all those buckets of blood again.