Sunday, June 21, 2009

Props To The Pops

Comedian Jim Gaffigan has a great line about the role of the father during childbirth- "Where would you like me to stand, terrified?" There's not much for us to do until that little cabbage sees daylight for the first time. It's rightly assumed that a mother's bond with her child is something of near-cosmic proportions. It's tough to top having your child start off in your own body; that's a rock/paper/scissors that we guys will always lose. As a result, the perception of a father is sometimes one of happenstance. But that role cannot be overstated. I think of the impact my dad has had on my life, and I hope that I can somehow weave that same tapestry for my own children. It's one of respect, fortitude, generosity, altruism, sacrifice, and a million other elements. Parenting is a minefield of successes and missteps, and it's a lifelong work in progress. There are plenty of fathers for whom a child is merely a postscript. More than ever, it's truly important to recognize the others who quietly do their best every day of the year. Happy Father's Day.

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JustCallMeJo said...

Happy Father's Day, Alan.