Monday, June 8, 2009

Boob Tube

Now that Breaking Bad is over for the season, I've switched gears to Daisy Of Love on VH1. If you don't watch, I'm pretty sure you're missing the tipping point in "reality" dating shows. We all know the formula: Daisy (one of the herpes delivery systems voted off Bret Michaels' Rock Of Love) is a sweetly clueless wannabe pop star in a house full of a dozen suitors, all vying for her affection (read: "hoping to get their own show next year"). The monkey wrench in this show is what makes it so addictive: instead of the standard elimination challenges, these dudes keep walking out on their own. The result is anticlimactic at best and throws poor Daisy into paroxysms of crying and self-pity. The upside is that it may be the first show of its kind where the contestants are less annoying than the host. The casting is predictable- the cage fighter, the goth rocker, the assorted meatheads and pretty boys- all covered in enough bad ink to make Paul Booth weep. But these guys engage in so much infighting, that the blonde sex doll they're supposedly trying to impress becomes secondary. This time, even they seem to know that being on this show isn't worth the hassle. In the losing interest department, the contestants have finally caught up with the viewers.

You know it's getting desperate when I'm thankful for the return of Gene Simmons.


Anonymous said...

Daisy of Love is by far the worst knock off of a VH1 reality dating show. However, its so awful you just cant stop watching it.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels, however, is a hilarious show. I am beyond excited that its back.


Mondo said...

She's as smart as a box of hammers, and it is a train wreck. It's awful, but your cannot stop looking.

Dave Van de Walle said...

I love my wife to pieces, but she actually woke me from a sleep last night to tell me that (1) Gene Simmons was on and (2) he was staying at the hotel she stayed at in Mexico!

As far as I'll go with reality TV is House Hunters International -- where the guests are guaranteed to be more annoying than the hosts.