Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Arrr Ya Hungry?

Those wacky Somali pirates are still wreaking havoc in international waters. They recently released a Nigerian tugboat that they captured last August. 10 months?? Aside from a few burned copies of Re-Animator, I'm clearly not versed in the ways of piracy- but what the hell could a tugboat have that's worth hanging onto for almost a year? And why can't the rescue teams just distract these pirates with food? Leave the M-60s at the consulate; pull up with a dinghy carrying chafing dishes full of spaghetti (because, really- who doesn't love Italian food?) and hoagies. These are Somali pirates- they're probably grabbing these ships to raid the galleys, anyway. "Is that pizza? All we brought were dirt sandwiches and plantains. We surrender!" A surgical military strike is no match for that.

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