Thursday, July 2, 2009

App That Ass

Apple has pulled their BeautyMeter- some "Hot Or Not" iPhone app that has teenagers sending naked pics to each other, something they've already been doing since picture texting was invented. Apple has become the latest scapegoat in the battle for the nation's youth gone wild and it's fun to watch all the pointless clamoring. The teen years are ground zero for phenomenally unwise behavior and technology has ushered in hilarious new ways to potentially humiliate oneself. Somewhere along the way, female "empowerment" has been transformed by the ability to turn your BlackBerry into a portable strip club. This is hardly technology's fault. The same 15-year-old girl who sends naked pics over her phone, Twitpic, or Facebook is the same one who would have given the Munson boy an etching of her "lady flower", had she been born 300 years earlier. It's continually vexing that the children of the digital age- the ones who are allegedly the most tech-savvy- are the ones who seem least aware of the permanence of bad decisions. Crazy kids.

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