Saturday, July 18, 2009

Penalty For Withdrawl

Automatic tellers in South Africa are using pepper spray to discourage tampering and theft. If it catches on in other countries, the world may finally put an end to the scourge of ATM rape.


Ken Gilotty said...

hey i just found your blog. great shit, man. please come back to pittsburgh dude. radio here these days really sucks. mark madden blows donkey dick. you were by far the best in the buisness around here. at least come back and do some stand up...something.
i found one of your cds today and was listening to it when it occured to me "what the fuck ever happened to that guy?" so i searched you and found your blog. like i said, funny shit. I was looking for "pay my gas bill" but its not on the one i have. that was the best one ever!!!
keep it up man

Joe Minkel said...

mr. ken,

I am one of the lucky ones to have purchased all three of Alan's cd's when they were available.

If, with Alan's permission, I can give you a copy of them.

Alan, would that be OK with you?

Josh said...

hook us up with some mp3s of those CDs! All I have is "SElls Out"