Friday, July 17, 2009

Let. It. Go.

Why all of the Michael Jackson conspiracy theories about his death being murder? This guy was in the death pool for years and now that he becomes the (melted) face of the self-fulfilling prophecy, his fans are becoming suspicious? He was in such fantastic shape, that his death under these circumstances is inconceivable? His heart attack was the result of years of drug use, botched plastic surgery, and nonexistent dietary habits. There is no question mark in this denouement; dying was the most natural thing MJ had done in a long time. I've heard people say that he was killed for his money. The guy was $400 million in the hole- was anybody pining to grab his bad debt to Neverland janitors, corrupt doctors, and monkey-rental facilities? Doubtful. Though, come to think of it- maybe the Federal Government killed him. Those numbers sound right up their alley. We can all buy groceries with Thriller royalty IOUs.

Was Michael Jackson's Death Murder?

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