Friday, April 24, 2009

As It Turns Out, We Do

Shepard Smith is a gem. He's the only reason to watch Fox News and he's solely responsible for whatever thin gilder of credibility they think they have. He's a late-model journalist from my dad's South, but he doesn't take anything too seriously- even to the point of heckling the pomposity of other FNC hosts. The best of this clip comes when he says "oops" (:41), since I'm sure a producer was screaming in his ear that he had just cursed on live TV.

Strangely, we haven't heard a single peep from the FCC about this verbal gaffe. Hm. Odd.


RJ said...

Part of me screams "DOUBLE STANDARD!" knowing full well the FCC won't lift a finger for Fox. Where's that Arizona Congresswoman so upset after the Janet Jackson incident at the Super Bowl now? But at the same time, I kinda have more respect for Ol' Shep Smith knowing he just might not be the white bread automaton that passes for a journalist on Fox. Good F'in show my good man!

Mondo said...

Alan - If you laid an F-Bomb on Q101, they would have gone medieval on you.

Is the FCC busy looking through old Janet Jackson footage to leverage more fines against CBS ?