Monday, April 20, 2009

The Only Day You Will Find "According To Jim" Funny

I smoke pot, but I can't stand pot culture. Lunkheads with High Times "Bud of the Month" centerfolds on their walls, tie-dye trustafarians, Grateful Dead/Bob Marley clones- you can have 'em. Let's just light one and leave the cultural posturing outside, shall we? But as a policy issue, decriminalization is long overdue and the tipping point may be near. The irony is, for all of the protesting on campuses nationwide, when marijuana laws are reformed, it will be because it has become unquestionably beneficial to the senior citizen voting bloc. Grandma's gotta get her snoogies!

As a nod to those of you who do think white-boy dreads are superbad, enjoy.

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phill from pgh said...

whats goin on i really miss your show in pittsburgh i was thinking about it the other day and decided to write the x's mark madden to see if we could ge t a pause for the cause for the pens winnig i never gto a response good luckl in chicago and we miss yopu here buddy.