Thursday, April 30, 2009


(The following phenomenon is primarily confined to major metropolitan locations, which seem to be owned and operated almost exclusively by the Hindu community. Go figure.)

It might be time put Subway on hiatus. My girlfriend and I eat it at least once a week, but it's becoming an increasingly arduous task to get out of there with your sanity intact. For a chain whose only hook is "eat fresh", they sure get prickly when you try to do just that. It's as though they're making the food on autopilot and would prefer you to stay out of it, thank you very much. Study the look on the face of your "sandwich artist" when you tell them you don't want cheese or lettuce- it's as though you took Krishna's flute and stomped on it. Wait until you ask them for more than the three black olive pieces they've used to decorate your footlong- the dance of Shiva would cause them less distress. They seem to have no Scrooge-like tendencies with the other fixins, (they're more than happy to sever the cucumber from its bondage) so it all plays out like a culinary whodunit. A petty complaint? Most certainly. But never underestimate the beauty of a well-crafted sandwich. With extra tomatoes.


Joe Minkel said...

hmmm. never had any problems getting anything extra on my sub. without the goofy looks. must be your location, alan.

The Awesome Sauce said...

Seriously, I hate when they act like its a crime when you ask for more than one whole olive on your sandwich. Bravo on this observation, I thought I was the only one with this problem.