Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roger & Me

Despite the intersection of increasing costs and decreasing quality, I'm an avid movie-goer. I rely on Netflix for my documentaries and Asian gorefests, but I'm still a sucker for the ritual of going to the movies. The communal aspect of it, the darkened theater, the popcorn- it's corny, but it still works for me. Sometimes, it even pays off. Roger Ebert was virtually alone in his glowing review of the new Nicolas Cage doomsday flick, Knowing. I don't put much stock in movie reviews, but his are generally spot-on. The thumb-up aside, I still expected the film to be a piece of crap. Nicolas Cage hasn't done a good film since 8MM and the end-of-the-world premise is as played out as his curiously-revived hairline. However, Knowing turned out to be a very intense and strangely compelling two hours. It all leads to a less-than-satisfying ending, but that may have been asking a bit too much for a movie like that. They can't all be Monsters vs. Aliens.

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